Gleaton Wyatt, PA is a law firm organized to provide comprehensive legal representation to all its clients from multi-national companies to the sole proprietor. The firm is organized to establish and maintain personal, long-term relationships with its clients. The attorneys and their professional staff provide the client with knowledgeable counsel in the areas of residential and commercial property transactions and real estate development counsel; domestic and international business law; immigration; international commercial transactions; corporate, commercial, trust and real estate litigation; alternative dispute resolution;  and entertainment and sports law.

The client’s personal and professional needs are often inextricably intertwined, and Gleaton Wyatt see to it that all the client’s legal needs are not only met, but also coordinated. When one of our clients has a legal matter that calls for a specialist in another area of law, or any other professional area, we use our extensive network of professionals to engage and supervise that work on behalf of the client.

At Gleaton Wyatt , we use a team approach to client management. Although each client will have a primary attorney responsible for assuring that client gets the attention he or she needs, the compensation system for attorneys is such that there are no “penalties” internally for getting other attorneys involved. Thus, the best attorney for the problem is used to serve the client needs which are paramount. In addition, it is rare that any client’s problem is solely legal. To that end, the Firm is building a network of professionals in other industries, from banking to accountancy to advertising to computing to financial planning, that serve the same market and have a similar business philosophy. This network of professionals enable the attorneys to serve as one-stop problem solvers, getting professionals in other disciplines involved as needed.

Our attorneys have served the business community and individuals in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston and the surrounding areas in South Carolina and across the United States for over a decade.  We look forward to forming a relationship with you and/or continuing to serve and to help you succeed.

Firm Philosophy

At Gleaton Wyatt  we strive:

  • To provide comprehensive, timely, cost-effective high quality legal counsel to our clients in all aspects of their business and personal lives. Where a client needs a speciality we don’t provide, we will provide it through our network of excellent service providers.
  • To keep our overhead reasonable while providing excellent service through the application of state-of-the-art technology. In our view, low overhead gives us more quality time with each client and their matters.
  • To provide our clients with attorneys with a wide range of experience and top-drawer academic and professional credentials. Our attorneys are not only highly qualified academically and professionally, they have real world experience that helps them be better counselors and problem solvers.
  • To maintain a long term staff that is well trained and experienced, with little turn over. Continuity of staff and the relationship between the attorneys and staff give the client better service.
  • To set firm goals that permit our professionals and staff to lead balanced lives, stressing not only service to our clients but also the needs of family, friends and community. We believe that balance is necessary in order to deliver the highest quality of service.